Pick it up and drop it.

We were Legwork Studio and these were the ideals that we strived to uphold. In the end, it was the talented people and the unmatched work they did that mattered the most. Legwork lives on in the things we created, our memories, shared experiences and, so we don’t forget, here for good measure. It has truly been an amazing decade–goodbye.

The Last Starfighters
Joey Bullock Partner / Operations
Chris Grey Executive Producer
Bret Harris Business Development
Stuart Inamura Designer / Animator
Jeremy Jackson Technical Director
Hannah Purmort Senior Art Director
Aaron Ray Partner / Animation
Richie Robbins Senior Producer
Lisa Rooney Producer
Jack Rugile Developer
Adam Scarano Developer
Mike Scarano Associate Creative Director
Harry Schaefer Animator
Mary Vertulfo Designer / Animator
Matt Wiggins Partner / Interactive
The Lost Starfighters
Dean Boyer Developer
Ben Chwirka Designer / Animator
Zack Citro Senior Animator
Drew Dahlman Technical Director
Katrin Davis Design Intern
Megan Demarco Design Intern
Keith Driessen Developer
Lucas Drummond Developer Intern
Matt FaJohn Partner / New Business
Matt Flesher Developer
Dan Hannigan Developer
Kyle Hegge Animation Intern
Matt Johnston Developer
Sarah Jones Designer / Animator
Kristin Kidd Producer
Sean Klassen Partner / Creative Director
Mike Lanning Animation Intern
Derik Linch Developer
Oliver McCabe Design Intern
Andy McIntosh Partner / Developer
Josh O’Brien Animation Intern
Sean Ryan Interactive Designer
Jurg Schappi UX Intern
Jos Smith Developer
Dave Soderberg Creative Director
Nick Tolve Animator
Daniel Wilber Developer